Local Rules of Judicial Administration – I

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Rule L101
These rules shall be known as the Lawrence County Rules of Judicial Administration and may be cited as “L.C.R.J.A…” and shall be effective January 1, 2017
Rule L4007


(B) For an ordinary transcripts, the party requesting the full or partial transcript of a trial or other proceeding shall file the original request with the Clerk of Courts, Prothonotary, or Orphans Court.

The requesting party shall serve copies of the formal request to:
1. The Presiding Judge.
2. The Court Reporter assigned to the proceeding.
3. The District Court Administrator.
4. Opposing counsel or party, if party is unrepresented.

(D) Private litigant requests & payment of costs.
1. The litigant ordering the transcript shall make payment in the amount of 95% of the estimated total cost of the transcript. Deposit checks are to made payable to the County of Lawrence and shall be delivered to the District Court Administrator.
2. Upon receipt of the 95% deposit, the Court Reporter(s) assigned to the proceeding shall be directed by the District Court Administrator to prepare the transcript.
3. The Court Reporter(s) shall notify the ordering party and the District Court Administrator upon completion of the transcript and shall indicate the balance due.
4. Checks for the final balance are to be made payable to the County of Lawrence and shall be delivered to the District Court Administrator. Upon payment of the balance owed, the Court Reporter(s) shall obtain the signature of the presiding Judge on the original transcript and shall deliver the original transcript to the appropriate filing office. After the original transcript has been delivered to the appropriate filing office, copies shall be delivered to all parties pursuant to Pa.R.J.A. 4007(d)(4).

(E) Any request by a litigant for a transcript pursuant to Pa.R.J.A.4007(E) alleging inability to pay due to economic hardship must be directed to the President Judge for determination as provided in L.C.R.J.A. 4008(B).

Rule L4008


Transcript Costs Payable by private-party litigants and by the Commonwealth or a subdivision thereof, shall be governed as follows:

(A) Costs Payable.
1. For an ordinary transcript: $2.75 per page (paper); $2.50 per page (electronically filed)
2. For an expedited transcript: $3.75 per page (paper); $3.50 per page (electronically filed)
3. For a daily transcript: $4.75 per page (paper); $4.50 per page (electronically filed)
4. For same-day delivery with court approval: $6.75 per page (paper); $6.50 per page (electronically filed)

Rule L4009


(A) The fees to be paid for all Court Reporters for all court reporting products shall be the fees above set forth in L.C.R.J.A.L. 4008.

(B) Transcripts requested in accordance with Pa.R.J.A. 4008 (B)(1) shall have fees and costs and waived for the requesting party and imputed to the Court for payment.

(C) For transcripts requested in accordance with Pa.R.J.A. 4008(b)(2) the cost of the transcript to the requesting party shall be one-half of the costs above set forth in L.C.R.J.A. 4008 but with the Court Reporter to be paid the full fee as set forth in L.C.A.R.P 4008, the balance of the fee being imputed to the Court for payment. Unless a party has been granted in forma pauperis status, requests for waiver or reduction of costs shall be made by motion to the Presiding Judge of record.

(D) The original of the trascript requested by the Commonwealth through the Office of the District Attorney or Attorney General in a criminal proceeding shall be paid by the county with the copy to be paid by the requesting party.

(E) Legal aid services must provide the Presiding Judge with a letter of certification verifying, as provided in Pa.R.J.A. 4008(B) that the client meets financial eligibility and that the matter is under appeal or that the transcript being requested is necessary to advance the current litigation.

(F) Any requests for copies of filed transcripts shall be directed to the Court Administrator and produced by the Court Reporter.  The charge for copies of the transcript shall be as set forth in Pa.R.J.A. 4008(D), and payable to Lawrence County. The Court Reporter shall be paid for the production of the copies at the same rate as set forth in Pa.R.J.A. 4008(D).