Local Rules of Civil Procedure – II

Business of Courts

L205.1 – Filing of Legal Papers

L205.2 – Filing Requirements

L205.2(a) – The Pleadings and other Documents

L205.2(b) – Cover Sheet

L206.4(c) – Rule to Show Cause. Discretionary.

L208.2(c) – Motions to Include Statements of Applicable Authority

L208.2(d) – Certification of Uncontested Motions

L208.2(e) – Certification Requirements for Discovery Motions

L208.3(a) – Motion Procedure

L211 – Motion Court and Oral Argument Practice and Procedure

L212 – Conciliation Conferences

L212.1 – Notice to Complete Discovery/Placing on Trial List

L212.2 – Pretrial Statement

L212.3 – Pretrial Conference and Schedule for Trial

L220 – Six-Member Jury in Civil Cases

L227.1 – Post-Trial Relief

L230.2 – Termination of Inactive Cases

L236 – Notice by Prothonotary of Entry of Order, Decree of Judgment

L237.4 – Form of Notice or Praecipe to Enter Judgment of Non Pros

L237.5 – Form of Notice of Praecipe to Enter Judgment by Default

Appeals to Trial Court

L300 – Statutory Appeals

L310.1 – Real Estate Assessment and Tax Exemption Appeals

L310.2 – Real Estate Assessment and Tax Exemption Appeals – Pre-hearing Statement and Conference

Summary Jury Trials

L320.1 – Summary Jury Trials – Preliminary Considerations

L320.2 – Summary Jury Trials – Procedure

L320.3 – Summary Jury Trials – Jury Selection

L320.4 – Post Summary Jury Trial Conference


L1018.1 – Notice to Defend Form

L1028(c) – Preliminary Objections

L1034(a) – Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings

Motion for Summary Judgment

L1035.1 – Motion for Summary Judgment

Compulsory Arbitration

L1301 – Arbitration – Scope

L1302 – List of Arbitrators Appointed; Arbitrators’ Compensation

L1303 – Arbitration – Notice

L1304 – Arbitration – Witnesses

L1306 – Arbitration – Award

Binding Arbitration

L1315 – Optional Binding Arbitration

Minors as Parties

L2039 – Compromise, Settlement, Discontinuance and Distribution

Enforcement of Money Judgments for the Payment of Money

L3103 – Commencement – Issuance


L3251 – Praecipe for Writ of Execution – Money Judgment

L3252 – Writ of Execution – Money Judgment

Depositions and Discovery

L4002.1 – Filing Discovery Material

L4008 – Oral Depositions, Limitation