Pursuant to the rule making power of the trial courts as provided by the Pennsylvania State Rules of Court, the existing Local Rules of Court have been amended in certain areas and stricken and replaced in other areas. Also, other Local Rules of Court have been added. Every effort has been made to assure that the Local Rules of Court which have been promulgated and implemented by the Lawrence County Court of Common Pleas comply with the required numbering system and other requirements set forth in the various provisions of the Pennsylvania State Rules of Court authorizing the Lawrence County Court of Common Pleas to adopt its Local Rules of Court.

The purpose for the newly promulgated Local Rules of Court is twofold: first to clarify or supplement certain State Rules of Court where local judicial experience and practice have indicated such a need; secondly, to assist the trial court, the litigants, members of the Bar and the entire Court system in facilitating the timely disposition of cases in a fair, impartial, efficient and prompt manner.

The recently adopted Local Rules of Judicial Administration and Local Rules of Civil Procedure were the products of the Lawrence County Local Civil Rules Committee appointed by President Judge Ralph D. Pratt consisting of the following members of the Bar: Carmen F. Lamancusa, Esq., David T. Mojock, Esq., Charles W. Garbett, Esq., Lawrence M. Kelly, Esq., James W. Manolis, Esq., Richard R. Morelli, Esq., and Philip Sbrolla, Esq., as well as President Judge Ralph D. Pratt. Special acknowledgement and gratitude are extended to members of the Committee for their dedicated contribution to improving the Lawrence County judicial system and legal profession.